Here’s how our K-Laser can help you get moving again.

If you’ve followed us at all over the past couple months, you know already that we have some favorite tools that we use to help get you feeling better and moving better in your everyday life. Movement and exercise, both therapeutic and general, are what we feel have the best long-term positive effect on your life. 

But sometimes we need help to get to a point where we can move without the pain that commonly prevents or restricts our movement. This is what we commonly use our K-Laser for. The effects tend to work fairly quickly, and when it is combined with pain-free movement we have found in our office that it enhances the effectiveness of the whole treatment. 

Below is the video K-Laser uses to explain the effects to patients, we figure we’ll let the developers explain the process, and we’ll use it in the office to help you get moving without pain. 

As always, visit our website for more information, or to schedule an appointment with Dr. Andy Cook.