Arm Prep For Crossfit

Arm Prep CrossFit

Elbow pain is common problem with a lot of the movements in CrossFit. Any movement that requires elbow flexion like rowing, pushups, pull-ups, and overhead movements require both shoulder mobility and shoulder stability. That’s why arm prep is crucial for CrossFit athletes.

The previously mentioned exercises are great, but they can be hard on the arms. Over time, that wear and tear can lead to some serious issues that we want you to avoid all together.

Three Arm Prep Exercises For CrossFit

Voodoo Floss

Voodoo floss is something we don’t do a whole lot. Basically, Voodoo flossing makes positive changes to the joints and soft tissue through compression, tension, and movement.

There’s a TON of speculation on how they do these things, but there’s no clear answer.

When you’re wrapping voodoo floss, you can do it yourself or have someone else do it. You don’t want more than 50% stretch while wrapping.

You’re going to feel significant compression because this is doing a fair amount of squeezing and compression. This tension is getting blood flow into the area and doing a bit of myofascial release.

We don’t like to cover any joints like the wrist or elbow. I’m not a fan of that, although there are people that do that.

After 30 seconds, you will likely feel some tingling or in your arm. That’s kind of the point, the muscles of your hand are moving under this compressed tissue. You’re getting a lot of blood flow and neurological attention into the area.

In this case, this is a good thing. I bet you won’t get a wrist stretch like this very often.

Do this for 30 seconds. Once your body is accustomed to Voodoo Flossing, you can do this for up to a minute.

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Quadruped Wrist Mobility

Lay in a quadruped position. You want to be sure of a few things while setting up.

  1. Have a flat back
  2. Breathe into your abdomin
  3. Flatten your wrist
  4. Keep your shoulder blades flat

While your hands are flat against the floor, slowly start to push yourself forward. With minimal movement, you’re going to feel a lot of tension and stretch in the wrists.

Again, with all the wear and tear CrossFitters put their arms through, the wrists are often a neglected segment.

Make sure to push away from the floor while performing this exercise. This allows you to strengthen a pattern in the quadruped position, not just bending your wrists back mindlessly.

As usual, we recommend about 8-12 slow reps for this exercise.

Bottoms Up Kettlebell Carry

The last exercise we’re going to do is the Bottoms Up Kettlebell Carry. To add a bit of challenge, we modified it from the traditional kettlebell carry. The instability really challenges your elbow, wrist, and shoulder. You have a lot of options including carrying the kettlebell overhead.

These are our favorite arm prep exercises for CrossFitters. Working from a home setup, all you’ll need is Voodoo Floss and a Kettlebell.

These three movements should help you reclaim your wrist mobility, shoulder stability, and a bit of pain-free living. For more content like this, you can find Twin Cities Movement on FacebookTwitterInstagram, and Youtube.