I've Had Back Pain for Years. Do I Need a Chiropractor or a Trainer?

Maybe you’re getting the  idea that there could be some help out there for you. You’re finally ready to feel better more often, to treat your family better. You're ready to get rid of your back pain.

And start living your life again. 

You’re ready for change, and you're looking for options. But where to start? Do you need a chiropractor or a strength coach?

Follow along to find out about how you can make that choice.

How do you want to manage your back pain?

Maybe you've been having pain, discomfort, or soreness for years. It comes and goes in the same way. It's not debilitating, you can still function, but you're tired of it. 

Maybe you’ve even tried different chiropractors before, but the effect isn't long-lasting.

Do you seem to hurt yourself every year when you go back to the gym to try and get in shape? Click here to find out more about our free Injury Prevention Video Guide.

In any of these cases, what you need is not completely straightforward. It depends on your goals, and how you move already. In our facility, we do a consultation, followed by a movement assessment. We find out what your goals are, and how you move. These determine if you would start in the clinic, or in the gym.

Why do you want to manage your back pain?

Are you in a bar or workplace softball league? Do you pull a hamstring in the beginning of every season, and finish your time on base with a limp?

There are lots of reasons you could be getting those muscle pulls all the time, and we would want to know how you move, to figure out what cause yours. This would decide whether you need care in the clinic or safe and effective strength coaching.

If you’re in pain right now, in the throes of your latest bout of low back pain, that ruins your weekend and even your next week, you probably want to start with treatment.Treatment focused on getting you out of pain and moving better.

Focused on your long-term goals and your short term goals, at the same time. That won't keep you waiting,  guessing when you'll be better. 

If you’ve been suffering the same injury to your back year after year, and it seems to come and go, and you're always stiff and sore, you probably want to start with chiropractic treatment. It would be safer to know exactly what your capabilities are before showing you how to safely lift weights. We would want to make sure that we wouldn't be injuring you, or making you worse.

It's great to have help with your back pain

Either way you go, a good choice could change your life. You would feel better on any given day. You would be able to enjoy your favorite activities again. You’d be able to enjoy your family and friends again. You’d probably be a better competitor on that softball league. 

Your tennis team wouldn’t miss you anymore. Your golf buddies would be impressed at your improved swing. You’d very likely enjoy your vacations, or even take one again, if it's been awhile.

Long story short, life would change for the better, if you take action on this.

In our facility, we talk extensively about goals. We make sure that you have them. And we make damn sure we're helping you reach them. We want to know without a doubt that we’re helping you, that we’re providing a meaningful service to you, and that our services matter to you. 

There are definitely solutions for your back pain

At this point you know that you want something about your body to change, and you know that there are solutions out there for you. These are good things to know.

You might even know what your goals are, moving forward. This is also huge. If we don't have goals, we’re driftless. Which is a great Greg Brown album, and lovely Wisconsin countryside, but not a great mindset.

You might have been through many chiropractors, physical therapists, strength coaches, massage therapists, and yoga studios. This might be frustrating, but I think it's an advantage, because it's a large collection of things that didn't work for you. We just won't necessarily try those things, in that same way. 

You have a mentor, a coach, an adviser. Someone who cares about your well-being, and is willing to be honest with you about your choices. I love playing this role in people’s lives. I’m honored when people come to me with their physical problems, because they're trusting me to help them make a drastic change in their life. 

It takes a plan to manage your back pain

So here's the straight talk. You could really use someone on your side in this journey. Someone with a plan. Someone who’s guided people though it before, successfully. This will make the process easier, and less painful, and less frustrating. 

We can be that someone. Set up an appointment with us. We’ll talk about your goals. You can tell us your story. We can find out what you can do, and what you want to do. Then we can work with you to make all of that happen. Click here to make an appointment with us.

If you're a do-it-yourself-er, I admire that. We’ve got options for you as well. Your journey is probably a bit tougher, but you're no stranger to that anyway. And then we’re here if you need us. Click here to get started with a free back pain relief guide. 

If you’re not in the Twin Cities, no worries. You can get in touch with us, and we’ll talk about our remote options (that’s right, we have remote options). If you need something a bit more hands-on, we’ll work with you to find someone locally who can help you. 

We want to help you, and if you're reading this, we think you could probably use it. 

If you want help managing your back pain, click here to schedule an appointment.

Want help to get back to your life?