Here’s how our K-Laser can help you get moving again.

If you’ve followed us at all over the past couple months, you know already that we have some favorite tools that we use to help get you feeling better and moving better in your everyday life. Movement and exercise, both therapeutic and general, are what we feel have the best long-term positive effect on your […]

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Tired of being stiff and sore? Movement could be the answer.

When you hear the phrase, “using movement as medicine,” what does it make you think? To us this means exercise is one of our most significant interventions. In our office, when we have a patient do a movement for an exam, the first intervention we try is an active one, before we even start manipulating […]

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Back to Basics- retraining your breathing

Strong structures can only be built on solid foundations, so we make sure that everyone has the basics covered as far as movement is concerned. Some of the positions we check for pain or discomfort, asymmetry or inability, are the overhead squat, single-leg balance, single-leg squat, in addition to how you move lying down on […]

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