The Best Climbing Warm-Up Exercises

Climbing Warm Up Exercises

Climbing is an intense full-body activity, with lots of demand, particularly in the shoulders and hands. Going through a proper climbing warm-up will warm up our muscles and allow our joints to be prepared for these challenges.

Here are three of our favorite climbing warm-ups

Banded Shoulder Mobilization

Our first exercise is the Banded Shoulder Mobilization.

Setup & Execution:
– Pull your shoulder blades down and back
– Keep your hands as close together to improve your range of motion

Tactical Frog

The Tactical Frog is a great way to mobilize the hips.

Setup & Execution:
– Sit on all fours with wide knees
– Flex each hip one at a time all the way up

The goal of this exercise is to get as much hip ROM (flexion) without using the low back

Sit Outs

Sit Outs are a great way to warm up all of the joints you need before you go climbing.

Setup & Execution:
– Up into plank against on your toes
– “Sit Out” in each direction

This exercise will work through hip range of motion, shoulder stability, and thoracic spine rotation.

Closing Thoughts

These are our three favorite warm-up exercises for climbing. After going through these exercises for about 30 seconds or 10 reps, you’re going to feel pretty good.

If you know any climbers who could benefit from this, share it with them.