Movement Preparation

Dynamic Strategies.

Lesson 4

To round out our routine, we spend some time using very intense, focused movements, to finish "priming" the system. Our dynamic component is used to increase the challenge on the structures, tissues, and movement patterns. 

Notice that we started slowly, just massaging the tissue before warming it up. We then stretched it, gradually, but still intentionally, increasing the challenge. The dynamic component should match the intensity of the activity following.  

The routine

  • Start by swinging your leg into flexion and extension. Try not to bend your knee, and don't extend through the pelvis. Keep your torso strong and neutral.
  • Then swing side-to-side, still focusing on keeping your knee straight. You won't be able to swing very far across your leg, but that's ok. 
  • Take a mini-band and wrap it around your hands, pulling them apart with your elbows against your sides. March, ensuring your feet land under your knees. 
  • Keeping your knees straight, shuffle from foot to foot, bouncing off the forefoot.
  • Finally, high knee skipping. Drive your knee into flexion at the same time you drive your other hip into extension.


We recommend ten to fifteen swings per side. March, shuffle, and skip for about twenty steps each. Your heart rate should be up and you should be warm, so just launch right into your activity. 

Now for a summary...