Movement Preparation

Reinforcement Strategies

Lesson 3

To continue our routine, we want to reinforce the ranges of motion that we just gained. This is commonly done with rehabilitation exercises, some in isolation. Static stretching is another method of reinforcement. 

It's important to do this following self massage because it makes the changes longer lasting.

The routine

  • Start in the 90-90 position with one leg resting on the inside knee and one leg resting on the outside knee. Flex over the knee resting on the outside (down knee) to stretch your external rotators. Twist your entire pelvis and trunk about your hips and lean back away from the knee resting on the inside (the up knee). Hold for 5 seconds each way and repeat two or three times.
  • Move into the spiderman position, with one hip flexed as far as you comfortably can with a flat back, and the other hip extended as far as it can be. Hold that position for 10 seconds and switch sides. Repeat two or three times.  
  • Stay in a half-kneeling position. With your heel staying on the floor, lunge your knee forward above your second toe. Do this eight to ten times and switch sides to repeat.
  • Get on all fours (quadruped), and put one hand behind your head. Rotate your trunk so your up elbow goes between your down arm and your legs. Twist back up, pointing your up elbow towards the ceiling. Repeat eight to ten times and then switch sides. Try not to let your pelvis deviate from side to side very much.
  • Get into a V-stance and put your hands on the floor, sitting back into your hips. Twist your back so you can lift one hand to the ceiling, pressing the other hand into the floor. Repeat eight to ten times and then switch sides.


We definitely prefer spending less time holding stretches and more time repeating movements, because we learn through repetition, and part of what we're doing is teaching the body to control it's new movements and positions. 

Again, we're not looking for painful stretch sensations. We just want to really "feel" the sensations, and get the body comfortable and aware of it's positions and abilities.

We'll finish up with some dynamic movements to increase the challenge.