Movement Preparation


Lesson 5

To summarize, we are preparing our bodies for exertion like we would warm up a vehicle on a cold morning. We get the circulation and the synovial fluid moving BEFORE we start challenging our bodies. 

In general, the more you move every day, the less you should have to prepare for any activity. Modern life makes this very difficult for most people, with all of the demands on our time and attention. So we can mitigate that by spending  little extra focus on our bodies.

The roundup

  • Reset: start by warming up the tissue with moderate self massage. This will increase circulation and "neurological awareness" of the important areas.
  • Reinforce: keep the new ranges of motion by challenging and controlling them. Do these even if you're not about to work out, just because they feel great.
  • Reload: In this case, focused challenge of the important movement patterns involved in the activity. Since this is running, we focus on hip flexion and extension. If it was soccer this component would be slightly different.


All in all, this whole routine should not take more than ten minutes. Fifteen if you're really milking the stretches. 

You can play with and tweak this routine as much as you want, just remember that if you don't like a particular movement, you might need to do more of it. It is easier to learn movements through repetition, so doing it the same way for awhile would be a good idea, because you will get faster at it, so it will take less time from your activity.  

We hope you have found some value in this course. Don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or concerns.