is it time to for you to feel strong again?

We know that you haven't lost hope yet. You're tired of your body holding you back, and you're ready to participate in your life.

Click the button below to schedule your free discovery session. we'll work out what you're missing and how to get it back.

Foundational strength is strength for life

do you want to be strong enough to stay as active as you want? do you want to be resilient enough to be able to ignore the minor aches and pains that come with an active life? do you want to be able to keep up with your friends, your kids, and even your grand-kids?

Get strong enough for everything life throws at you with Foundational Strength


We don't just want you to stay active because it's fun. We also want to help you develop good habits in your everyday life.


We want your body to be injury-proof. Resilience is important to keep away new injuries and prevent old ones from returning.


We want you to be able to control your body safely.  That means building a strong foundation and moving efficiently.

​Don't be held back another minute. Don't miss out on any more of your life.

Click the button below to schedule your free Discovery Session. We'll work out what you're missing and make a plan to get it back.

Full body strength, mobility, and control,
in two sessions per week

Move better and get stronger to stay independent for as long as you can.


feel better every day with focused mobility

Tired of feeling sore and stiff every morning? Don't want to feel like you got hit by a truck after your last workout? We start every session with mobility work, increasing your range of motion so you can get more done.

strength training older adults


lower your risk of injury with stability

Afraid that your balance is slipping as you get older? When you have more movement you want to control it. After mobility, we work stability, to help you keep the gains you just got.

older adult training minneapolis


Get tougher and stronger, get back to your life

Don't want to spend hours every day stretching just to get through the day? With the focused plan we provide, you get to keep your mobility and stability by challenging your body with strength training. 

Strength coach minneapolis

Life is too short for you to miss another minute

Take back your life with Foundational Strength

Don't skip another hike with your family. Don't sit out another round of golf. Get back to your weekly tennis matches, bike rides, and pilates classes. Get stronger, and more resilient, so you can enjoy the best parts of your life.

Schedule you first onboarding session today!

Click the button below to schedule your Discovery Session. We'll work out what your goals are, and we'll come up with a plan for you to reach them. 

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