3 Ways To Avoid Low Back Pain While Cycling

Low Back Pain While Cycling

Because cyclists spend pretty much 100% of their time in lumbar flexion, it’s important to restore both hip and thoracic spine mobility. Failure to do so often results in low back pain while cycling.

As with any pain you feel while exercising, low back pain is something you want to address right away.

With that said, let’s get into it.

Here are our three favorite exercises to prevent low back pain while cycling.

Quadruped Hip Rockers

“Quadruped means” on all fours.

Setup & Execution:
– Keep spine in neutral
– Rock back in the hips
– All movement in hips and shoulders

Picture yourself on a bike, you’re in a similar position. While biking, you want to move through the hips and not the low back.

Active Prayer Stretch

This is a stupid simple exercise to mobilize the thoracic spine by extending through our upper back.

Setup & Execution:

– Rest Forehead on your hands
– Extend through our upper back
– Shoulders are down and away from our ears

– Keep your upper back/shoulders relaxed.

Bird dog

The bird dog is going to help us control our core while moving our hips and shoulders simultaneously.

Setup and execution:
– Kick one leg back and reach with the opposite arm
– Try to reach your foot and leg as far away as possible from each other

Instead of lifting the leg and arm up ❌
focus on lifting the leg and arm out ✅

If you have a weak core, you’re going to have a difficult time with this one. If that’s the case, you may have found a clue as to why your low back hurts.


Closing Thoughts

Did you find these exercises helpful?

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