Lower Body Exercises For Runners

Lower Body Exercises For Runners

We’re covering another lower body warm up for runners.

As for all athletes, we stress the importance of warming up. Running is no exception.

For most people, that usually that means running at a slower speed like a jog.

We’d really like to stress the importance of getting the joints primed and ready for warm ups, that’s why we talk a lot about core stability and moving the hips through lots of different ranges of motion. We’d like to make sure that the whole body is prepared for strenuous activity like running.

Because running is high impact and repetitious, there’s a lot wear and tear that happens on the body. A lower body warmup is the best ways for runners to prepare.

Three Lower Body Exercises For Runners

Half Kneeling Leg Raises

Setup & Execution:
– Start in the half-kneeling position
– Stay tall with your shoulders back and core engaged
– Drive your down knee into the ground
– Simultaneously, lift your forward knee up

You’ll find that for such a small movement, this exercise is a bit difficult to execute.

We’re not looking for
– Huge movements
– Holding the forward leg

Just very quick up and down movement to activate the muscles. Do 8-10 reps per side.


Bodyweight Split Squat

With this exercise, you’re going to stand in a mix of the balance beam position and a balanced position.

Now with a lot of people they talk about, they think about lunges where you’d just lunge forward and you really stretching everything out but with this we’re not looking for that, we’re looking for more of a squat on the front leg

Essentially, you’re just lowering your torso between your legs and bending your knees to accommodate that movement.

High Knees

The last exercise we’re gonna talk about is a high knee.

This is a dynamic version of the two exercises we just did.

All you’re going to do is skip in place making sure your core is engaged. Simply drive your arms and knees.


Only start jogging after doing exercises like these. Once, you finish this warmup, feel free to start running at low speed.

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