Manage your Back Pain by moving every day!

You like to be active and enjoy the outdoors. You love biking with your friends and family. Part of your social network involves fitness, pilates, or yoga classes. But lately you haven’t been enjoying these activities much, mostly because they hurt you. 

Maybe your back is sore and stiff. Or you get throbbing headaches that start at the base of your neck. Perhaps the end of your workday is so crammed with stress and family related activities that you can’t even imagine taking time to stretch or exercise.

How many different exercises have you read about on the internet? Do different people tell you all about what works for them? Have you tried so many different massage therapists, physical therapists, or chiropractors that you can't believe you're still hurting? You probably even feel pretty good after most of those visits. But it just. Doesn’t. Last.

Fortunately, there's still a solution. And it’s probably a combination of many of the things you’re already trying. The problem is that your body is unique, different than your friends bodies. So your solution will be individual to you, and that can take some time and some patience.

When will this back pain go away?

Do you frequently wonder why this isn’t just going away, or how long you're going to have to deal with it? Are you concerned that this could be a problem for the rest of your life? Are you worried that it’s going to get worse? 

Is it getting worse?

How many more activities are you going to have to sacrifice, even though they make you happy, just because they hurt too much.

Goals are important for getting through back pain

I don’t know exactly what your goals are, because I’m not able to ask you directly. But I can guess, if you’ve read this far, that at least one of these touches you. 

Maybe you want to get back to doing yoga, because you can effectively manage the rest of your life then. You know that if you normally move and challenge your body, you feel better overall. You treat your loved ones better.

Maybe you have a 5k or 10k that you’ve been wanting to train for. Maybe even a marathon (let’s start slow here).

The important thing is that you have a goal, something that you want to work towards. Something to look forward to.

Your desire to change can get you through your pain

The cool thing is, you already possess some of the qualities you need to get going here. You have a desire to make a change in your life. The fact that you are this far into this article tells me that you know that something is wrong, and maybe you are ready to look for a solution.

You may possess a willingness to listen, learn, or try new things. To find your own coach's voice, to help you when you have to make difficult choices, or even to help you identify what’s wrong.

You’re probably able to move your body a little bit, maybe find positions that don't bother you as much, or ways to do exercises that don’t make your pain flare up as much. That’s an important place to start. This process is so much easier when you think about what you can do, vs what you can't do.

It can take time to work your way out of back pain

So here’s the takeaway. I encourage you to try something small to start with. Something that takes minimal commitment. Something that can easily give you a win. 

One of my favorites is taking time for yourself. For the next two weeks, give yourself five minutes, before you start doing things for everyone else. Use that time to plan your days, your weeks, your life. Use it to take an inventory of what you can do. Write it down.

Try to be patient with yourself. Start slowly. It did take some time for you to get to where you are now, and it might take a little bit to get better. But if you’re intentional about changing, you will get better.

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