Don't Worry! There are Many Ways to Manage Daily Back Pain

If you’re reading this, there’s a good chance you have back pain. Or neck pain. Maybe headaches. There’s a good chance that you’ve been dealing with them for awhile, and even if you haven’t, you’re sick of them. And frankly, so are your friends and family. 

You’re sick of treating people poorly without even meaning to.

It may be hard to believe, but movement is often the best way to manage daily pain. This is good news and bad news, I’m sure, because it’s hard to know where to start, but it’s good to know that you can start somewhere.  

Options for managing daily back pain

If you have back pain, there are a number of options to manage it. You may even have explored several of them. Maybe you've been to a chiropractor, physical therapist, personal trainer, done yoga, gotten massages. 

But nothing seems to work.

This can be challenging. But usually when one thing doesn’t work for you, that doesn’t mean nothing will work for you. There’s no need to give up just yet.

If you’ve been in pain for a long time, a chiropractor is a good place to start. A good chiropractor will provide an assessment to find out what’s wrong, and individualized treatment for your condition. Usually there will be rehab exercises, and advice for how to avoid hurting yourself again.

Many times, the reason you continue to hurt is because the area that needs work is not the area that hurts, but near it. For instance, the back can hurt because the hips are restricted. The neck can hurt because the upper back is restricted. It can take a good assessment to figure this kind of thing out.

Moving better for back pain

Sometimes you don’t necessarily need adjustments. Often you need to move better, or get stronger. In this case, a chiropractor could still be a good place to start, or maybe a responsible personal trainer.

It's possible you need to get in the habit of moving more. Maybe your job requires you to sit or stand too much. Or you need to lift using the same repetitive movements all the time. This would require you to provide more variety to your movements.

If you’re not quite ready to schedule with someone, or you don’t know where to start looking, I’ve got some options for you to try to manage your own pain, soreness, or stiffness; with simple movements.  

Getting stronger to manage back pain

Exploring your own movement can be a great way to learn about what actually causes you pain, which can really help to manage or get rid of it. For example, if your shoulder hurts when reaching all the way overhead, maybe it doesn’t when you’re just a little overhead. You can slowly push your limits to increase them.

Movement is good for you. It brings healthy fluid to your joints, and blood to your muscles, and it releases chemicals in your brain that make you feel better. This might be one of the best reasons to move when you’re in pain.

Plus, it can make you feel less helpless.

You can start to get stronger, more capable. Enjoying the activities you used to enjoy. Even creating goals for getting rid of your pain. To read more about setting goals, check out this article.

Ideally, you find a provider that you trust, who finds out what’s wrong, and makes a plan with you. This tends to make it easier to get better. 

Putting the work in to manage daily back pain

If you’ve read this far, I’m guessing you’re determined to get better. You’re starting to feel like there might be a solution for your problem. Maybe you’ve even found someone who can help you through this struggle.

That’s great! A desire to make a change is a requirement for change. Making change is challenging, but possible.

You’re likely starting to feel like you have the power to help yourself, at least sort of. You may have found some of the movements and positions that trigger your pain, and you can avoid them. Maybe you’ve even found some movements that make you feel better. That’s huge.

Most importantly, you’ve probably found some time for yourself. This is a requirement for this process. You need to make the time to do the things that make you better, whether that’s prepare your meals for the week, or do your exercises for the day.

Options for managing back pain

You have a few options at this point. If you know the movements that make you feel better, do them often. We have a few ideas for you to explore coming up here. Move just a little bit every day to start, then increase it as you can. Click here to learn more about our free video guide.

If you know what causes your pain but can’t figure out how to avoid it or make yourself feel better, make an appointment with a chiropractor. If you’re in Minneapolis or St. Paul, schedule an appointment. We’d be honored to be a part of your healing process. If you’re not local, get in touch with us here and we’ll help you find someone.

Want help to get back to your life?