Running Preparation Workshop

Why do we need to warm up?

Running is a high intensity activity, that directs a lot of force through the body. There is a lot of impact on the joints, and a lot of cross-body strain, performed repetitively for long distances. 

Preparing our joints for the movements that we are about to use, in a focused way, can help our bodies coordinate for those movements. 

This can preserve our joints and ensure that our movements are symmetrical and optimal over longer periods.

5 Lessons

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Squat Workshop

This workshop covers the essential movements and positions necessary to attain a healthy squat and reduce the possibility of injury when you are loading the squat. 

3 Lessons

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Find Relief from your Neck Pain

Do you get headaches? Feel foggy and fatigued? Can't find a comfortable position to sleep?

These are just some of the common symptoms people complain about when they have neck pain.

Use this guide, roughly 15 minutes, to start to free yourself from the persistent discomfort that has been getting in the way of the things and the people you love.

5 Lessons

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Find Relief from your Back Pain

Is back pain holding you back? Are you unable to do the activities you love because of your pain? The good new is you can change your pain, finding relief with the right movements. 

Find out quickly if your back pain responds to a simple movement. If it does respond to the movement, you know what you need to do to help yourself. If it doesn't help, we tell you what to do next. 

Get rid of your back pain and back to your life.

5 Lessons

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