Pain Relief

Find Relief from your Neck Pain

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About this course

Do you get headaches? Feel foggy and fatigued? Can't find a comfortable position to sleep?

These are just some of the common symptoms people complain about when they have neck pain.

Use this guide, roughly 15 minutes, to start to free yourself from the persistent discomfort that has been getting in the way of the things and the people you love.

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Why do I Have Neck Pain?

This lesson explains some of the possible reasons for your pain, and why it might be persisting. Have hope! There is likely  a way to manage your pain!

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Overview of the Neck

This lesson covers some of the important anatomy of the neck, as well as some of the basics about how it works. 

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Self Assessment: what hurts and what feels better?

This self-assessment is a simple way to discover what we call directional preference. Find out what yours is and it could lead to relief.

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Self-treatment: we know what the directional preference is, what now?

Here we cover the self-treatment procedure that follows the self-assessment. It's safe for most people to at least try this, even of the self-assessment didn't have clear results for you. 

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Things to do Next and Things to Avoid

Now that we know why we hurt and what makes us feel better, we need to know some other ways to feel better passively, and some things to avoid.