Part 2: New Limitations – The Carrie Seipp Story

Carrie Seipp Part Two

After being injured in April 2016, I put in a lot of effort specific to physical recovery in addition to my normal cycling training. I compete because I love the process of learning about my body and mind. I find working on new skills fulfilling and I enjoy always putting myself in situations where I work on my weaknesses. I have been trying to be patient with my body while also pushing to those limits of discomfort on my new strengths and weaknesses.

My 2016 season was filled with learning to re-trust my body and honor it’s feedback – learning it is okay to line up with more things outside my control than normal. Races gave me the honest feedback on my new strengths and weaknesses. Races allowed me to reevaluate what to work on next. 

Carrie Seipp Part Two

I came into 2017 with a new appreciation for rest and recovery. I wanted 2017 to be a positive experience. Although I had enough perspective to not overdo things, I also felt like I was recovered enough to race a full season.

Inconsistent is the best word I have for my season.

Respecting a greater need for rest isn’t always easy. But focusing on the most fulfilling aspects of race day helped. I loved and appreciated surrounding myself with folks who knew my capabilities without being condescending. Chasing my coach and his team in pre-ride both kept a smile on my face and pushed my technical skills.

Celebrate other’s successes while putting my best effort forth is an approach that I intend to employ always.


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