It's time to try something different to take care of your body

You've tried Everything, but you still get the same aches and pains. Maybe you feel you're getting the same treatment as everyone else.

Free self-care kit at first appointment

Make the choice to change your life now, and get a free self care kit, including:

yoga mat and case

lacrosse ball

resistance loop

Rocktape rockband

The movement method is your hope for pain free living

Have you seen provider after provider for your condition? they probably all helped, but not for long enough, or without you coming back again and again. Maybe you've even been told that there's nothiong wrong with you, or that it's all in your head.
You've been in pain for long enough, tried enough things, it's time to find the way out.

A little about Dr. Andy Cook

You know that you feel better when you move more, and I know it too. When aches and pains get in the way of your hobbies, you can be tired, low, and even grouchy! I want you to be able to move whenever and however you want, and I'll do everything in my power to make that happen.

I know that you are an individual, and that you should be treated like one, not get the same treatment as the next person.  I know that you're worried, and stressed, and that you're sick of your body holding you back.  

I'm here to tell you that those days are over. After your first visit to Twin Cities Movement, you'll know that you're in the right place. You will have a plan for you to get better. And that you will be able to stay that way.

Get stronger than you were when you came in. Get more resilient so you can manage everything life throws at you. Don't let pain hold you back another minute, because you don't have a minute to spare.

Secure your independence. Don't miss out on any more of your life.

Click the button below to schedule your appointment. We'll work out what you're missing and make a plan to get it back.

Feel more energized, younger, and more vibrant. Move better and move more, it's your ticket to freedom!

We'll be your guide on your path to movement independence​​​​



Schedule your first appointment, and we'll spend time figuring out what's causing your condition, so we don't waste any time getting you on the right path.

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It's your body, so treatment is individualized to you. You deserve personalized care, so we'll use chiropractic adjustments, functional massage, and rehab exercises catered to you.

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relief and recovery

You get relief from pain quickly, so we can work to correct the movements that caused your injury in the first place. We help you get stronger and more resilient, that's the path to movement independence.

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Free self-care kit at first appointment

Make the choice to change your life now, and get a free self care kit, including:

yoga mat and case

lacrosse ball

resistance loop

Rocktape rockband


Patient success

Tiffany W

I would recommend TCM without a second's hesitation for anyone who is ready to take an active role in managing their wellness in the context of a collaborative, educational, supportive environment. Thank you, Dr. Andy!!

Theresa M

I highly recommend Andrew Cook for anyone who works or has worked in the service industry or other career where a lot of standing or other position causes subtle problems over time that turn into larger problems eventually.

Matt S

Almost immediately after starting some stretches in the office I could feel relief and diminishing pain. Dr. Andy Cook was attentive to my specific issues, and I felt like he was genuinely concerned. I highly recommend this practice. 

Find out what individualized care feels like. Set up your new patient appointment today.

We proudly work with and support

Life's too short for you to miss another minute

Find your path to freedom with the Movement Method, at Twin Cities Movement

Don't skip another hike with your family. Don't miss another round of golf. Get back to your weekly tennis matches, bike rides, and pilates classes. Get independence with pain-free movement.

Click the button below to schedule your new patient appointment. We'll work out what your goals are, and we'll come up with a plan for you to reach them. 

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